söndag 31 mars 2013

The Studio

I'm wearing: jeans vest and jeans from Levi's, shirt from Lindex, shoes ?

lördag 30 mars 2013

Stories By Joy

Hey Guys!!!
Cheack out my sisterblog where I post stories and shorter novels I write! So if you are into reading, then my other blog is just for you!
Hope you enjoy it!

Lots of Love

57 Orange New York

Today's simple outfit!
I just love to go simple when I'm heading out, so this is a casual outfit for a day out in the Swedish spring-time. 

I'm wearing a Leather Jacket from forever 21, Jeans from NYDJ, T-shirt from Lindex, Shoes From Converse, Scarf & Handbag from H&M and sunglasses from Indiska

Let it be Light

This is the dress I made for a fashion show in 2012. It is a full-length dress in three layers and the material is a creamy white chiffon. The top is the same color but in a coarser tricot. It is sleeveless with corset lacing in the back and decorated with rhinestones and beads.

Lots of Love

fredag 29 mars 2013

Like a flower in the winter snow

I made this dress as a school project. We received a specific fabric and a source of inspiration and this is what I came up with.  
A full-length dress with an oblique ruffles, corset lacing in the back and no straps.  
Result: a simple beautiful dress.

Lots of Love

Simply Joy

Hey guys!

My name is Joy and I'm just a simple swedish-amarican girl who has a passion for fashion, writing and living life.
I'm hoping this new blog will help me express whatever I have in me that needs to be simply expressed. I'm simply being Joy.

So I hope you will enjoy this and stay tuned for uppcoming goodies!

Lots of Love

Joy Evangeline, January 2013