torsdag 11 april 2013

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday may be an instagram thing but I'm blogging about it anyway!

So graduating in Sweden is not like graduating in the U.S. It’s a whole other story! I Sweden we get white caps with our names, our class number or the name of the school (now a days we get to design our own caps). I decided I wanted my first name and class number with some pink details. When it comes to clothes it’s tradition for girls to wear white, don’t ask me why be cause I don’t know, and boys wear a nice suit of their choice. My dress for my graduation is my own design and made by me!

So the whole day starts with a meeting with the class then class-photos etc. and after that It’s goodbye-speeches and flower giving so on and so forth. Well they day continues with the last official lunch and then we head off to the auditorium or some other place, where we can “run out” of school class by class so we can meet up with friends and family.

Having signs such as the one I'm holding is another Swedish tradition, so that we can feel embarrassed in front of the rest of the student body and their families!
No, not really but it’s a fun thing to compare the looks of you now and how you looked 15-18 years ago.

Yeah well, I could write a book about Swedish graduations but I wont so have a great day!
Oh and by the way, I graduated last year.
May 31, 2012.

Lots of Love!

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