torsdag 31 oktober 2013

In Copenhagen

Sweater from Lauren - Ralph Lauren, Jeans from Levi's, Jacket from Forever 21, Bag and shall from H&M, Shoes from Converse, belt unknown

First day in Copenhagen, Denmark! Tomorrow I'll post more pictures from our sightseeing. Our day started just walking around and we found a movie theater and decided to see a movie later in the evening. So we bought tickets and walked on. We found Stroget, a cute shopping street in town and we went window shopping until we had to be back at the theater. I got two new charms for my charm-bracelet my parents gave me on my 20th birthday. Rebecka found tuns of fun stuff too but we decided to wait with the shopping, we are going back tomorrow. Besides we have the entire weekend to shop!
Anyway, we went to the movies and saw Thor 2 (if you haven't seen it yet: See IT!).
Now we are back at the hotel and I'm blogging while Rebecka is braiding my hair while listening to music.
For more pics check out my instagram @joyevangeline.

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