tisdag 19 november 2013

Read, Write, Create

Hey Guys!
It's november and working  on a novel based on a short story I wrote a while back. This is a map I made a few years ago. Well, I actually drew a map in the 8th grade and then I made this map from that drawing. What do you think?

Here is a preview :

Dave fired the first arrow, but as it hit the charging moorins, it simply bounced off the chest leaving the moorins unharmed. Dave's eyes grew large at the sight at look in desperation over at Millaray who still sat aiming her arrow at the foul creatures.
"Millaray?" The moorins were getting closer and closer.
"MILLARAY!" He yelled and Millaray released the arrow and as it pierced the closest moorin a great flash appeared and it sounded like lightning struck right in front of them Dave covered his face and shut his eyes and when he looked up the moorins lay lifeless and burned on a pile in the dirt just a few yards in front of them. Without another word, Millaray spoke in a whisper to her horse and slowly it turned around and headed south. Stunned and startled at the sight of the dead moorins Dave rushed to Millaray's side and pulled her rains, forcing her to stop. She turned her head toward Dave.
"What was that?" He demanded looking straight into Millaray's golden yellow eyes.
"I killed the moorins" she acted as if she had killed thousands of moorins single handedly. Irritated, Dave shook his head.
"Yes I got that, but what was that flash?" Millaray's expression remained the same.
"For now, I think it is better if you don't know" she pulled her rains free from Dave's grasp and once again whispered to her horse who without hesitation set off in a trot. Dave followed.

To be continued

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