onsdag 10 juli 2013

Back in D.C.

After 4 exhausting days in New York, Rebecca and I are finally back in Washington D.C. New York was amazing as always but it sure is nice to be back in the capital of the United States.

So today we saw more of the city, including the Capital and the National archives. I saw the original Declaration of Independence! That sure was cool!
Last year, when me and my family spent time here in the US, we visited Liberty Hall where the Declaration was singed so for me this was really awesome!

After that we walked on to the Air and Space Museum.And there we saw an Imax movie called Hubble. And as the title said, it was about the Hubble. Don't even ask me to explain what it is coz I honestly can't. Just google "Hubble" and you'll figure it out!

So with two more days of vacation I can gladly say, it's been a great trip!

Lots of Love

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