fredag 7 juni 2013

It's Friday!


Yesterday's look: Tank from Hollister, Skirt and shoes from H&M and Vest from Levi's

Thank God It’s Friday!
 So yesterday we celebrated four of my closest friends since they al graduated on the same day. They had arranged this huge party for friends and family and we had a blast! Before heading to that party I made a quick stop at my parents house since my mom also graduated! She is now a study – and career counselor. Did I mention that I am way proud to be called her daughter? Well I AM!

OK, so back to the other graduation party.
We completely lost track of time and I got home approximately 23:30 (which is way late since I get up at 05:45 every morning for work). Well I can say that I slept in this morning coz my alarm didn’t wake me. So I awoke to my neighbors and looked at the clock. Shoot!! 7:08!!! (my work day starts at 7:00) If you know me than you probably can see me running around like a crazy person getting dressed and brushing my teeth and packing my bag all at the same time.

I did get to work but 40 min late. Which means it took me less then 30 min to get ready and walk to work!

Now it’s Friday night and I’m not gonna do ANYTHING tonight except sleep!

So have a great weekend!
Lots of Love

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