torsdag 20 juni 2013

Looking back...

Today was a short day at work but since all the busses in Stockholm are on a strike I had to walk home from work with my bad knee, so a maid a pit stop at the mall and bought myself a kneepad and a pair of short and then walked home. So here I am alone in my little apartment looking through old pics from Instagram and thought I could show you all a piece of my past.

So this is it:

This is from today right before work!

Last year me and my little sister and our parents headed to the States and then drove from NYC al the way to L.A. in under a month! It was epic! These are just a handful of the pics I took in New York.

Last Christmas. Me and my BFF, Becca. Taken December 1st, 2012.

More from our roadtrip last summer. Here we are in San Francisco!

Me and my sisters in Greece 3 years ago! The little blonde next to me is my baby sister Cajsa-Stina (I'm in the middle) and the strawberry blonde is my older sister Hannah. Love you both <3

Me and Ron Pope after his show in Stockholm last autumn. A drop in the Ocean!

And finally: this is the street sign where my family lived when I was little. Corsica st, Irvine, CA. This will forever be my second home!

That's all for this time. BFF trip in 10 days!
Lots of Love

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