onsdag 15 maj 2013

A day packed with work.

Hello my faith full readers!

So today has been a hectic day at work so the day basically just flashed by which is rather nice, actually. I would rather have a day packed with stuff to do than come to work just to do nothing, which sucks.

Anyway, after work I met up with my dear friend Emma to find fabric for her graduation dress that I’m making for her. And when we were finished there I headed home and she headed to church. Here I am updating you with the latest news!
I’m still sewing after all the drama with the wedding dress, (which still isn’t sold yet…) so that is a good sign! I’m still in business!

Right now I’m working on two graduation dresses and four bridesmaid dresses. But everything is coming along great so I’m not worried!

Today’s outfit: Jacket from Jofama, Jeans from Denim & Supply (Ralph Lauren), Tank from Gap, Shoes from Converse, Bag from H&M and Necklace from Maison Scotch

Lots of Love

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