fredag 10 maj 2013

A white vail occasion

This story starts on a cold January day when I first heard that she wanted a tailored dress… So I started working, and I worked and I worked. This was the first wedding dress I maid. I’ve maid dresses of different verities but nothing like this and I thought a challenge would be good for me. But when things started going downhill I didn’t know how to handle it so I did what every girl does best. I cried. I talked to my mother and father and my best friend. And I cried some more. My mom even made a little matching “flower girl” dress.

To make a very long story short, my costumer kindly declined the dress and here I stand with a wedding dress with no bride.

But anyway, I pulled myself together and finished the dress and I put up two ads for it so hopefully I will eventually sell it for my own good.

Intresserad av en brudklänning?
Klänningen ovan är som sagt till salu och om du snart ska gifta dig eller känner någon som ska gifta sig, och vill ha en väl sydd, vacker och unik brudklänning i storlek 34 så får du gärna kontakta mig på:
Klänningen är värd 15 000kronor men jag säljer den för 8900 kronor.

Lots of Love

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