lördag 25 maj 2013

With the sun on my side.


Hello everyone!
How was your saturday? Well, mine was awesome! I met up with my very good friend Rebecka Kalaja and we set off into town. We planned to eat lunch put it ended with us buying a smoothie and went for a long stroll in the city. When we came to Old Town we bought the best ice cream in Stockholm and went to sit in the sun by the water.

It was such great whether today! So nice! I think it must have been at least 22° C.
So the whether called for a summery outfit. I decided to go with:
Dress from Hollister, Vest from Levi's, Shoes from Converse, Bag from Stockholm Fashion Center (Modecenter), Sunglasses from Indiska and Ring from a little shop in Kiruna, Sweden (a city in northern Sweden)

Have a great weekend lovelies!
Lots of Love

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